Lake Como: have you ever seen it in this way?

Sport, culture, tradition, hospitality… This is Lake Como and much more!

Discover its beauty with us.

#inLombardiaComeMe | Mandello del Lario

Discover the characteristic town of Mandello del Lario. Discover the beauty of this territory, nestled between lake and mountain, through the stories of those who know these places well.

#inLombardiaComeMe | Cisano Bergamasco

Discover together with our local ambassador the town of Cisano Bergamasco and the territory along the Via Giovannea. Places rich in history, local food traditions and outdoor activities.

S02 – Martina’s Stories | Aero Club Como

Aero Club Como: the oldest flying organization with seaplanes and hydro flight school in the world.

S01 – Martina’s Stories | Discovery of Lake Como

Discovering the territory, from Corenno Plinio to Fontanedo.

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